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Waterton Lakes National Park Fire exposes ancient Medicine Wheel

News from my Dad that a Medicine Wheel has been found in Waterton Lakes National Park!  Waterton is a very special place that we visit often.  My ancestors manifestly felt the same way.  We don’t know the exact location is and I doubt it is accessible to the public, but we’ll work on visiting it

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Majorville Medicine Wheel, ‘Canada’s Stonehenge”

    In the summer of 2015, we visited the Majorville Medicine Wheel.   If you are interested in learning more about this medicine wheel, check out: Finding the wheel is a long and difficult journey.  We made it there in a truck – I don’t think a car could make it safely.  […]

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Moccasin Traditions

Moccasins traditionally are functional, were gifted for marriages, family, and ceremony but were also an in credible reflection of the artist or craftsperson who made them. Many moccasins seen today are carbon copies of a few styles, and bead designs. This is for companies who are trying to maximize profits and speed up production. True […]

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Antique Moccasins

It can be difficult to date antique moccasins, but we’ve had some help. A relative used to make a living as a dealer of first nations antiques and he confirmed these are from the 1890s or even 1880s. Some of the clues: Sinew instead of thread is used to sew the moccasin together. The thread […]

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Old School Moccasins and Porcupine Quills

If we really want to get old school, we have to think before European contact and before the arrival of glass beads. Porcupine Quills were the decorative pieces to moccasins and hide clothing. I have a book entitled “Blackfoot Craftworker’s Book” By Adolf and Beverly Hungry Wolf. The authors explain that quill work was regarded […]

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Brand New Web Site!

Welcome to the all new It should be much faster to load and easier to navigate! Stay tuned for exciting new products

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