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Thank you for visiting, a 100% First Nations owned and operated business. is part of Mistuwum Consulting Ltd, located on the Piikani Nation.  Mistuwum is my actual family name, meaning mustache, that was incorrectly translated as “Little Mustache”.

My name is Jessica Bekker (Little Mustache Family) and I am a member of the Piikani or Peigan Nation, part of the Blackfoot Confederacy in southern Alberta, Canada.  Shown in the pictures below is my dad, Tony Little Mustache holding his grand-daughter, and braiding bull riggins.  Our family are talented artisans and crafts people who keep the traditions alive  in their crafts, families, and communities.  My daughter is wearing a pair of moccasins made by my aunt Lucille Soosay shown beading in the photo and who makes all of our moccasins seen on this site.

I am currently studying at the University of Victoria completing a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. My research work focuses on assessing renewable energy integration into remote diesel power communities. Of course many of these remote communities are First Nations and there is a big need to help these communities build self sufficient energy systems to reduce the dependence on foreign fuels. Below are links to my research work:

University of Victoria Research